Everybody loves tint! So I figure I better get to reviewing it.

Now many people out there think, "Hot da*n, I need some tint, but I better pay a professional $100 to do it rather than use that cheap Wal-Mart crap!"

Now that's great thinking and all, but is there really anything wrong with that "Wal-Mart crap" (Axius is the brand, I believe)?

Nah, I don't think so.

Now the stuff I used is 2.5% and it cost me $12.00 for a roll, which isn't exactly cheap. Now to apply this stuff, I just peeled off the back part and sprayed my window with water (after taking it off, of course). Then you get the fun and joy of getting it to fit properly and "squeegeeing" the air bubbles out. I'm not gonna lie to you, those air bubbles can be a real *****.

After a while, the water will dry and voila, the tint will be stuck on there. Now for me, I applied this on to 35% Axius tint my brother applied previously. Here is the end result after about a year...

Now if anybody out there is unsure about removing their windows or anything, I'd recommend you do take it somewhere so you don't totally screw something up. If you have "easy-to-tint" windows, that aren't very concave, then by all means shoot for it.

One thing to note: Don't be stupid and go tinting all your windows that dark, after the sun sets, it's like staring at a piece of black cardboard and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone interested in avoiding accidents. Oh yea, and it's illegal too.