Ok, this is another non-car audio product like Gorilla Glue, and yeah most people know about this stuff, but since most folks who are into car audio care a little about their vehicle and some may not know about this...

[My Life Story]

So there I was driving down the highway humming to "Haddaway - What is Love", when my wipers decided it'd be cool to stop working for me. After a couple days of driving in the rain without wipers, I decided it probably wasn't safe. I happened to have some Rain X lying around, and my mom was always bi*ching at me to put some on, so I went to work with it.

[End My Life Story]

Only takes a few minutes to apply the stuff and just some wiping with a soft cloth.
It rained the next day and hooray, I could see clearly! No more fear of running over the neighbors cats and children! All the water just sorta beads up and slides off real nice and smooth. If you have a car with decent acceleration, you can just floor it to get the little beads of water off much more quickly. My windshield wipers are now working - I'm not sure why, but they are - and the stuff works darn well with windshield wipers too.

Ok, so for those of you whose windshield wipers stop working, I definitely recommend this product (might wanna get to fixing the wipers eventually too). For those of you with working windshield wipers, I also recommend this product. It's about $7.00 for a big bottle (it'll last ya a few years) of it at Autozone or you can get smaller quantities or the wipes. So seriously people, get out there and buy this stuff, it's really worth it to take away $7.00 from your "Brahma" fund and/or your kid's college savings and spend it on this.