Sure, this has absolutely nothing at all to do with car audio equipment, but I figured there might be some poor souls out there wondering how good this stuff is...and it's....pretty **** good.

Well, I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I'm a lazy bastard and I do things the lazy persons way. Why waste time drilling / screwing when you can just glue 'em?
My first application on this was for my door handle which had fallen off. I put some on and put a weight on it to keep the pressure on. I had previously tried to use a molly screw, but that didn't work. A few hours later, I came out and voila! Door handle stayed stuck to the door! My next application was a more major one. You see, my sub box is friggin' huge and weighs 250 lbs. or so. Having shag carpet doesn't really help with keeping the box in place. I tried using L brackets along with 8 screws to hold the box down, but they just got ripped out of place. I whipped out the Gorilla Glue and just used a bunch of that on the brackets and box. Two months later the box hasn't moved...not bad at all I'd say. There are some drawbacks to this miracle glue. First off, is the procedure for applying it. This glue uses water as a catalyst so you're gonna have to moisten the surface of whatever you're gluing, which can be a pain in tight spaces. Next, is the short shelf life. Moisture in the air just gets into it and eventually dries it up. I've had mine about 2.5 months or so, just a little bit is dried up, but I can tell you now that normal glues will have a longer shelf life. Last but not least, is its property of expansion. This isn't necessarily bad or good really, the glue just expands to 3-4x it's original size. Oh wait, there is something else. THE PRICE!! Yea, I paid like $6-7 for a 4 oz. container of it, this stuff is NOT cheap! So never buy more than you can use in the period of time it'll last!