Included in the kit:

18 feet of their blue 1/0 power wire.
5 feet of their silver 1/0 ground wire.
6 feet of black wire loom.
A FH-20 fuseholder.
4 1/0 ring terminals.
Your choice of fuse size.

The wire is extremely flexible for being so thick. I found it more flexible than my comparable Stinger, Lightning Audio, Rockford Fosgate, and welding cable.

Naturally, 1/0 ring terminals are a pain to crimp, use a vice.

Fuseholder took a couple minutes to figure out ... after that it was easy to install it. Fuse looks good in the blue casing.

5 feet of ground wire is great. Had enough for my amp and plenty for my battery ---> ground upgrade.

Throw in an RCA cable, some speaker wire, and some remote wire and you've got yourself one nice, and complete, kit.

- Steve