Ok, if you read my earlier review of acaraudio.com they created some minor infractions in the world of online businesses. And in the review that I suggested that you be the judge for yourself on whether or not you would use them or not. Now my position on this company and its business practices have changed...for the worse. I know say that you should stay as far away from this website as you possibly can. Before I was angered by their irresponsibility, now I AM REALLY PISSED OFF. As I stated in my previous review of this site my speakers are set to come in tomorrow (9/9/04) but now I come to find that this shipment is in fact only HALF OF MY ORDER! And of course acaraudio.com being the brilliant business men/women that they are have just shipped the rest of my order today (9/8/04) so, that nice convenient appointment that I had made to get all my speakers installed this Friday is ruined. I will be demanding that I be reimbursed for the shipping charges, but I doubt I will be. It truly amazes me that this business is in fact in business. I will never shop there again and I will never suggest it to ANYBODY I wouldn’t wish this type of terrible service upon my worst enemy.