Yes, another Peel and Seel review.

The cost of the PnS is very cheap compared to other deadeners. I paid only $12 a roll, and used 2.5 rolls on each door (probably a bit overkill).

The PnS goes on very easily, I didn't use any heat guns, nor any rollers. I found that just firmly pressing the strips against the metal works fine. The stuff is very sticky, so you have to be careful not to hit anything when your trying to line the pieces up, because it likes to stick to things, even if it's only been slightly brushed. I then sprayed a can of PlastiCoat over the Peel N Seel for good measure.

I've had no problems with reliablity so far, and the car has been out in the sun the whole time, in the summer. I live in PA, if that's any help. There was a bit of a stench at first, but it slowly fades away over a week or two.

To test out how well the deadener would work, I only did one door at first. I normally have a fairly well centered image ( horizontally, at least), but with only one door deadened, the image was definitly pulled towards that side, and the midbass was obviously better on the deadened side. There is a large differance in midbass performance between the deadened door and the non deadened door. This was the main focus of the project, and it worked well.

Without wanting to sound like a Peel N Seel zealot, I must say that PnS has worked exceptionally well for me. It has stuck perfectly, in the summer, in the sun, without any special care for application. It has performed well, and it did what I wanted it to (better midbass, MUCH better midbass). It's also quite a bit cheaper than comparable products. Remember, I did go over the PnS with Plasticoat (in most of the areas), so that may have something to do with the reliablity of it (really no clue, just a thought. The PlastiCoat is rather cheap anyway). All in all, I happily recommend this product to the rest of the forum, as it's worked perfectly for me.