Well, I ordered my Focal 180W and Focal 100KPs from them the Monday before last (8/23/04) they took the money out of my bank account the next day(8/24/04), I now take it for granted that they shipped the items; because usually online businesses don’t draw the money until the item is shipped. I find out Friday (9/3/04) that they never shipped and that they have been shipped out that day to be in for Thursday of next week (9/9/04) Now, I don’t have much experience with buying car audio items online but I do have experience in buying other items such as computers video games R/C items, none of which took half as long to even reach my door step as these people took to ship! And the fact that they only have one choice for shipping (UPS ground) is annoying. You be the judge, but I don't think I'll be using these people again. Oh, if all of these online car audio places are like this please PM me because I’ll know not to order these types of items from online sources. On the other hand the sellers on eBay are quick and very courteous.