I went to my local shoped talked to a couple people, showed them my system and listened to what they had to say. After about an hour of talk about how nice my setup is and how they havent heard of RE... and so on, they told me that Dynamat would be a VERY nice investment to me. I listened to them go on and on to the pros and cons of it. I said im not going to invest on something I havent heard the difference in. They told me that in about 5 mins a car will come in that is getting it done, and i could hear the before and after.

I heard the before of a not so bad system, Kicker L5's in a vented box... nicely done. After a while of talking the guys said for me to come back in about 2 hours. I went to my friends chilled for a bit, decided to head back, right as I came back they litterally were finishing. They showed me how dynamat worked how it was like sealed RIGHT onto the trunk and with it STUCK right onto the trunk it holds the so called "pecies" of the trunk together so that way HOW can it viberate as much? Well they cant! (as much). Then sat in the car, just for the hell of it so see if I could hear or feel a differnce, there was a differnce of night and day. So much nicer sound... crisper, and you could FEEL and hear it.....

Well I put 60 dollars in and got 2 sheets of it and 10 dollars for the install (Im sorta freinds with the dude who did it).
After picking up my car, Im so happy and I still am to date... WAY less ratteling... way more sound... its so much better!!

I can see the differnce, when I look in my mirrors before of course all i saw was a blurr, you can see how it moves even more.. same with my side mirrors.

Just to be dumb I put a penny on my seat before I went in with the same song at the same volume and watched it. Did it after... the penny is in the air the whole time!

Quote from me "This was the best investment I did to increase my db's and reduce my ratteling..." - that right there sums it ALL up!!!