I ordered 2 HC 12's from RE audio. Once installed, my younger brother was opening the trunk and a latch attatched to the top (for holding emergency kit) of it fell off and hit the sub. This latch has to weigh less than a half a pound. This latch barely tapped the surface and it shattered. The dustcap already had like a faded RE logo less evident than the other, but I had just disregarded it. I assumed the cap was just a "dud" for lack of a better word, because it was barely tapped before shattering. See up till this time I had not installed the HU so they had not been used. I am almost positive if I would have played them the one cap would have broke from the sub movement. Well the sub still physically worked fine, but I called RE audio to see if they would replace the defective dustcap.

I was told "OK that's not a problem, we can get you out a replacement dustcap, it will be there in about 2 weeks." No show. I called again and told them how I still had not gotten it, "there must have been an error in your shipment, we'll resend it." I assumed the situation had been taken care of.

I finally received the dustcap and the glue, excited I pasted in on my sub. Thought it was over.

A few days ago a charge shows up on my parents credit card bill for the cover, glue, and shipping. I was surprised because I was made to believe that it was a replacement for a defect, (obviously if u cannot play your subs without it breaking something is wrong with it), thus free of charge.

I called RE and they told me that I should have been told on the phone a cost. I wasn't. Then he said well there should have been an invoice in the box of supplies. There wasn't. The ONLY time I knew about any cost whatsoever was from my mom's bill. I then explained that if I would have been told it would cost me something I would not have done it simply because its cosmetic, and I'm not into that. They clearly misinformed, or rather failed to inform me of any costs. If he would have mentioned once on the phone, or actually sent me the invoice or a receipt or anything, then this would have been taken care of and I would have said no thanks. But now it is glued on and I should not be expected to pay for something that #1- was a defect. #2- Was never quoted a cost of any kind. I understand you are probably thinking this is my fault, but you should have seen this dustcover.

I called them, I was told I'd be called back the next day around noon. No call. Next day, no call. I called them back today finally, and then spoke to, I assume, the person in charge. He told me that they should have quoted me a cost and sent an invoice in the box, and he didn't know why they didn't, but basically it was my problem not theirs. Things got kind of heated because I was upset after spending all this money to have to pay for a defect. He kept talking over me and I said that he needed to just listen because I tired to explain, he simply said thigns like "I will not sit and listen to your "crap", we sent the the product, you will pay for it, you are wrong."

RE people skills need some major work because I've never been treated more unfairly or been told off so rudely by a place of business.