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Reload Thread: Temco Hammer Crimp + 4/0 Power Wire

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    Temco Hammer Crimp + 4/0 Power Wire

    Review of: Temco Hammer Crimp

    TEMCo Lug Crimper Tool TH0007

    I got this hammer crimp because I despise soldering large cables (1/0 to 4/0). I always seem to burn the insulation and the process takes too much time. I was skeptical about a purely mechanical connection, but after using this tool I will never solder large terminals again.

    The process is extremely simple and even at the most leisurely pace one can complete their terminations much faster than soldering. I was also impressed with the strength of the crimp... I could not make it budge without putting the crimped terminal in a vice. I couldn't get a picture of myself hanging from the cable...

    I compare this crimper to the E-Z Red B790C Hammer Indent Crimper Tool on Amazon.
    Amazon.com: E-Z Red B790C Hammer Indent Crimper Tool: Automotive

    At $20.35, it is $3+ more than Temco's hammer crimp. Moreover, take a look at the most helpful review on Amazon to see the advantage in choosing the Temco crimper. The Amazon crimper breaks, and you have to shell out $20+ to get another. Temco's product comes with a 5 year warranty no questions asked. I have used the hammer crimp on about 50 connections so far, so I can't comment on long term reliability, but I can't imagine it breaking any time soon.

    I give this product my highest recommendation.
    -Terminating large connections is quick and easy
    -Connection is extremely strong
    -Robust construction, and being a tool that takes a ton of abuse the 5 year warranty is testament to Temco's faith in their product.

    Review of: Temco 4/0 Welding Cable/Power Wire

    There isn't much to say about this cable other than it is what you want for high amperage applications. I would compare it to a KnuKonceptz power wire as I usually use KnuKonceptz but they do not offer 4/0 OFC cable. For connections where you only want 1 run of wire, I couldn't find a better performance for the value. After finding Temco on eBay and realizing they were a short drive away, I went to pick up the product at their warehouse to save on shipping. I ended up getting a bunch of ring terminals for free, and a tour of their very nice facility. Even if this power cable was more expensive I would still buy from Temco again because they are a business that operates like a business should.

    I highly recommend this wiring to anyone crazy enough to need it:
    -Good Price
    -Very flexible for cable of this size
    -The company it comes from is my new benchmark for top tier customer service and support.
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    Re: Temco Hammer Crimp + 4/0 Power Wire

    Might grab that crimper... I have a set of plier type crimpers right now and the 0 gauge lug doesn't hold 0 gauge wire very well. You have to prebend the lug or else it won't crimp it and even with it prebent, it really only crimps on the bottom properly. I never feel very safe and it looks like ****, although I have put enough force on them to make sure it wont' break.. I dealift the wire using pliers on the lug and if it pops off, oh well, wasn't strong enough.

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    Re: Temco Hammer Crimp + 4/0 Power Wire

    The only superior crimp would be from a hydraulic hex crimper, but at several times the cost. I have the same crimper. I use a bench vise with a pipe for extra leverage.

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    Re: Temco Hammer Crimp + 4/0 Power Wire

    just bought mine. thanks


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    Re: Temco Hammer Crimp + 4/0 Power Wire

    yes i got one of these myself. have used it for 4ga and 1/0 works great. and ya i use my bench vice.

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