Everybody is looking for dampner these, but it costs so much that nobody wants to buy this stuff. All I can say is problem solved!!

I read on the General Discussion about a thing called Peel and Seal.

All I can say is wow! I bought a tiny role just to check out it's flexibility, stickiness, and thickness......and let's just say I was impressed with all 3.

It is extremely flexible, how flexible? Just as flexible as a piece of Dynamat. Will fit in the tiniest crevices.

How sticky would you say it is? VERY STICKY. I stuck a piece of this stuff on my trunk roof and I could not get this stuff off. It took me about 5 minutes to pry it off with a screwdriver and on the flipside.......no real tar residue on the trunk, no more then Dynamat would leave.

How thick is this stuff? This stuff is just as thick as the Original Dynamat. I have a piece of Extreme Dynamat in my car and the only real difference i noticed between the Peel and Seal and my stuff is that their was just a TAD more tar on it. The Aluminum thickess is just the same on the Extreme than it is on the Peel and Seal.

This stuff is EXACTLY, now listen to me tell you this........EXACTLY, like Dynamat, the only diff is that Dynamat has its pretty little logo on its stuff where this stuff is just plain aluminum.

You wanna know where to get it and how much it costs.....KEEP READIN IT GETS BETTER!!!

This stuff has an extremely high heat tolerance cause this stuff has not moved a millimeter since i put it up, and it gets hotter the haiti in my trunk. And how many layers did I layer my trunk lid?
TRY 8 LAYERS!!! Thats a lot of weight for a bottom piece to hold and it is actually performing better than my single piece of Extreme Dynamat. I have had problems with the Extreme Pealing off but I can't say the same for this stuff......truely amazing.

What's great about this too is it comes in 3 sizes of rolls that I know of. So if you only have a small piece in you car you wanna dampen you don't have to buy a gigantic bulk role like other companies make you.

I dampen my entire trunk lid on my Neon a total of 8 layers, and I have enough left over to do 2 more layers.......trust me it's a lot.

As far as everyday driving and you want some regualr dampner then their is no question that this is for you. If your a HARDCORE COMPETITION MAN WHO WANTS NO MUSIC TO ESCAPE UR CAR WHATSOVER AND WANTS TO BREAK WORLD RECORDS, I'd prolly go with something a lil thicker and spend a lot of extra cash on prolly some Dynaplate, but if you have the time you can layer this stuff if you'd like since it's so so easy to do. 8 layers and holdin strong.


How much would you say I paid for a 12 inch wide role.....that is 33.5 feet long??? Hmmmm, $100? $50? $40?

TRY $25!!!!!!!

I was shocked too. A 12 inch wide role 33.5 feet long can be found for a retail of $35 at your local Menards store. Just search the roofing department (where all the tar is) and look for a role that is colored baby blue, gray, and white. I bought mine on sale for $25 and they other roles were medium, which was retail $7, and the little role, which was retail $5.


My opinion is that if everyone learned about this stuff the these companies who make Dynamat and Secondskin are in deeeeep crap. My opinion is that Dynamat must by this stuff in bulk for cheap, print it's label on it, and Jack it's price up to $100 and up. This stuff is definately worth $35. Trust me with your life, DON'T PAY FOR DYNAMAT, GET THIS STUFF IT'S THE EXACT SAME THING!!!