Review of: Mr. Horton's aka @double 07 ; Enclosure/Customer Service

I just finished about a 45-minute audition of a ported enclosure I had double 07 design and build for my ID10. The box was built to 1.3 cubes tuned to 32Hz amd is being powered by a Rockford P8004 @2ohms, but will soon move over to an Eclipse 36501.

First, the looks of this box exude quality craftsmanship. The port was painted and textured, carpeting was smooth with no obvious edges, and my terminals were on the verge of overkill in construction. Plus, the KERF he did looks pretty sick. Inside, the same treatment was given with paint and this thing is braced to survive the end of the world (which didn't happen today after all...surprised anyone?).

Once it was set up in the trunk of my 06 Passat, I dialed in the gain using a [email protected] test tone and settled on the gain at the 12 o'clock position (so roughly 100W)...had to stop there because my trunk buzz was getting ridiculous (Deadening coming soon, courtesy of @cthedinger ; ). Browsing through random crud in my library, anywhere from Dodge & Fuski to Men At Work (don't laugh, I love Overkill). Not only was the bass reproduction smoother and more natural, the sub literally disappeared. I couldn't localize it to save my life. Even with the trunk open and sitting about a foot away from the cone, I could feel bass all around me. Being an SQ guy, that's one of the most important things for me, especially after seeing what people's conception of accurate bass was with a Morel Ultimo 12.

On the customer service end, I was more than pleased. He provided a separate post with teaser shots of my enclosure, gave me a tracking number before FedEx even picked up the shipment, and answered any and all questions via PM and text, no matter how annoying, nuthuggish, or newbish they were. I placed my order last Friday and received it today (so literally one week). This=FAST.

Guys, if you don't have a SMS box, get one now. Especially while his sale is going on. Trust me, you won't regret it. I'll post pics when the sun comes back up...too dark to do it now.