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    Misc Audio Technix Accessory Review

    Review of: Misc bits and pieces from Audio Technix

    Reviewing 0ga CCA power wire (black and red), 8ga CCA "speaker" wire (red and black), 0ga ring terminals, Fuse Holder w/100a fuse

    To start with, this is not my first experience with Audio Technix install accessories. I had previously installed 30ft of the 4ga CCA power wire but needed to move up to 0ga to accommodate a 2nd batt (Batcap 2k) and a higher power amp (American Bass XD3000).

    First let me say that installing the 4ga power wire was what hooked me on the AT products. I am ashamed to admit this but prior to installing the AT 4ga I had installed 4ga electrical wire from Home Depot. That was without a doubt the biggest pain in the ass I had encountered installing car audio. It was the most rigid and hard to deal with wire I could possibly imagine. After getting advice from the community here I came to the conclusion that I was an idiot (my own description no one else’s) and should not have used that type of wire and was pointed in the direction of several companies that specialize in car audio wire. One of the most recommended being Audio Technix.

    At that point I contacted Coleman for pricing and ultimately ordered 32ft of the 4ga CCA to redo my power and ground runs. Upon receiving it in the mail I was immediately impressed with the size, weight, and flexibility of the wire (certainly head and shoulders above what I had already installed) as well as the speed of receipt. I believe I had ordered it on a Friday and had it in my hands by Monday, the only company I have dealt with that gets me my product that quickly is Newegg and they are a massive corp.

    The customer service and general attitude of Coleman is also something worthy of mention, I have never had such immediate and genial assistance from any company and that in itself speaks volumes about Coleman and his company.

    The pricing of Audio Technix is also something that needs to be touched on and in a nutshell, it’s great. The price for a product of this caliber from a company with this customer service should probably be significantly more than it is. The pricing structure of the Audio Technix wire (and other accessories) in my eyes is rivaled only by Wal-Mart grade stuff and we all know that crap isn’t worth its weight in pig shIt. The Audio Technix however honestly could be priced higher than it is and I (and I assume most others) would still buy it and never regret it.

    Now to the present. I had decided I needed a bigger amp and in order to get proper power to said amp I needed an additional battery as well as new wire to get the power from the front to the back then over to the amp. My first and only thought was “Time to email Coleman again”, and that was exactly what I did. Upon discussing with him what I needed he recommended the products that would suit my needs and not kill my wallet. I could have gone with OFC wire but for what I needed and the budget I was working with OFC just wasn’t practical at the time. This order ended up looking like this: 30ft black CCA 0ga, 6ft red CCA 0ga, 14ft 8ga (split evenly between red and black), fuse holder with 100a fuse, 1 dozen or so black and red ring terminals. I had also wanted to get RCA’s but they were out of stock at the time, but I will be ordering them soon.

    As usual I got my products ASAP and was quite happy with everything I received. I was just as impressed with 0ga as I was the 4ga I was about to remove and the 8ga was actually larger than I expected (this is what happens when you deal with Wal-Mart 8ga). All of the terminals were perfectly sized for my wire and had black or red jackets on them. I like to run all my wire the same color (where I can) so having the jackets on the terminals to distinguish power from ground was very important to me. The fuse appeared to be of excellent quality and the fuse holder is also of top quality and made of thick clear plastic (being clear was also of high importance to me since I compete in MECA and the judges need to be able plainly see my fuse ratings).

    My only concerns when I unboxed everything were the thickness of the wire. The 4ga I had already installed was the perfect size to be run under my door panels and track, the 0ga I now had was FAT and I don’t mean jacket fat, I mean wire fat. He has crammed a ton of wire into the smallest possible jacket and I was concerned I would have issues routing in my floor. I was also concerned about the thickness of the 8ga, being accustomed to Wal-Mart grade 8ga I was surprised once again at the wire thickness of the this 8ga and whether I would be able to get into the terminals on both my amp and my sub.

    As it turned out my concerns were all for not. The 0ga was more than flexible enough to run under my carpet without being noticeable unless you are truly looking for it although it was a little large for the inputs on the amp I was using at the time but I made it work and I know the wire will fit perfectly in the 0ga terminals on the XD3000 when I get it install. I did have a bit of trouble getting the 8ga into the sub terminals but it fit beautifully in the amp.

    As I said earlier the terminals were of the perfect size for the wire but I don’t have any of the traditional tools to crimp something of that size so I use a table mounted vise. This has proved to be an issue in the past with some terminals I have used but not the AT terminals, I was easily able to crimp them with the vise and they provided a strong bite on the wire that I could only get to pull out if I put all 195 lbs. of my weight behind it.

    Along with everything I ordered Coleman (or whomever packaged everything) threw in a little swag so I also got a can coozie and lanyard.

    In conclusion, there truly aren't enough good things I can say about the products I have used from Audio Technix. The quality of the products, speed of shipment, customer service, and of course price have all roped me in for life. As long as Audio Technix sells a product I need I will ALWAYS use their product over someone else’s (even if it’s free). As far as I am concerned Coleman and his company set the bar in the industry and set it high.

    HU-- Jensen vm9224bt double din
    Sub -- T3 TSS custom built by Corey Dean
    Amp -- American Bass XD3000

    refs: mylows10, princ3cmo, cthedinger, cjwoods, nuboot, evilsaint, skaraudio x2, brodeisel, omegabunny x2, Louisiana_CRX

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    Re: Misc Audio Technix Accessory Review

    Great review!

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