Review of: Power Cable

<i>Post name, details and review of the equipment you're reviewing. This forum is for reviews only! No questions should be posted!</i> is about to come out with power and speaker cable. This is my intro review of it. Overall, compared to any other cable Ive used, I like it better. I wish they were offering ofc, but for any cca, it blows the competition out. 10/10 on every aspect. I love that they thought of oversized ring terminals to match, too!

Check it out! The video didnt pick up great shots of the power cable, so I posted pictures below!


What the Rolls Look Like:

To sum the Video Up:
DIYMA.COM has oversized 1/0 Power and 8g Speaker Cable.
While oversized, the wire is still much more flexible than it's competitors
the 8g speaker cable- bend holds the bend; straighten it, it stays straight
Oversized Ring Terminals to match the massive 1/0 cable
It's amazing! Check it out!