Not impressed at all with the quality of the Kicker Kicker 09ZI25 5 Meters (16.5 ft.) 2-Channel Z-Series RCA Audio
Compared to these: Knukonceptz product detail for NEW KARMA SS 2 CHANNEL 6 METER RCA CABLE

Not that they're aren't good wires, I was expecting a little more from kicker, as the speaker wire from them has always been great imo.

The Knukonceptz wire is a lot thicker overall, whether it's more shielding or thicker actual wire, or even just more rubber lol it still feels of higher quality. The plastic ends and divider on the kickers feel cheap compared to the metal feeling ends on the Knu. Except for the rubber rings on the Knu that like to roll off, I can't find a single fault with the Knu. Like I said, kicker feels cheaper, while still being nice, very flexible RCAs. I'm not disappointed in buying Kicker, as it is about $6 cheaper than the Knu, and being on a budget I think they are a good buy.
As far as actual sound quality, I couldn't tell between the two.
People like numbers, so here are some number rankings from 1-10, 10 being the best imo.

Feel of Quality: 6
Appearance of quality: 7
Price/Quality: 7
Performance: 9
Overall: 7.6

Feel of Quality: 8
Appearance of quality: 8
Price/Quality: 7
Flexibility: 7
Performance: 9
Overall: 7.8

In conclusion, I think both are fairly priced and good RCAs. If you're looking at RCA's around the price range of these, and wonder if the Knu is worth the extra few $$ over the Kicker, I'd say yes. But if you need extremely flexible RCAs, the Kickers definitely deliver.