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    Second Skin review

    So recently I was able to fully deaden my car with a bunch of Second Skin sound deadener products. I was able to use just about their entire catalog of products, including Damplifier Pro, Overkill, Luxury Liner Pro, Spectrum, Sludge, Motor Mat and even the rear wave defusing Speaker Tweaker Pads. I have read many good reviews on the products so figured I would give them a shot myself. My initial thoughts were just that it would just be another deadener; however, I was soon proven different. Upon arrival I soon figured out what set second skin aside from the rest of the deadening products. Their stuff is built far more solid than any other brand I have ever used. Imo very similar to the way people say German cars are over engineered. I would say that saying applies to Second Skin products as well, with the exception that Second Skins sound deadeningproducts are made in the USA. I have used many other brands of deadening including, Dynamat Extreme, Hushmat, Raammat and even Fatmat, and none of them even come close to the quality, or performance I have seen with Second Skin.

    Damplifier Pro: After opening this stuff up I was immediately able to tell this was a far better product than any other automotive sound deadener I have used. Damplifier Pro is thick, very solid and weighs a lot. The foil is also noticeably thicker than any other vibration damper, which initially made me wonder if I was going to have trouble installing; however, that was not a problem at all. I simply let the deadener sit out in the sun prior to installing and that softened it up and made it easy to install. I did not have to use a blow torch or heat gun to soften this stuff to install like the rest of the deadener I have installed. Second Skin Damplifier Pro went on nice and easy and far exceeded my expectations. After installing the Damplifier Pro I took my car for a test drive without installing the interior and already noticed a before and after difference. My car felt much more solid and I could actually feel a lot less vibrations. I did not even have to do 100% coverage to accomplish this, however, that won’t stop me from saying the more the merrier

    Luxury Liner Pro: Once I was done with my vibration deadening I followed up with a layer of Luxury Liner Pro, a mass loaded vinyl composite designed to block airborne noise. I covered as much of my car as I could with this, including my floor, doors, quarter panels, and as much of the firewall as I could reach without pulling my dash out. While Luxury Liner Pro is very heavy it is still very easy to work with and like the Damplifier Pro, it far exceeded my expectations. What little noise I still had took care of. There is absolutely no noise coming from anywhere I installed the Luxury Liner Pro. The little noise I still have would be coming from my firewall where I was unable to get to or my windows, which I obviously cannot treat with Luxury Liner Pro or would have a problem or two. Simply measure where you want to apply this stuff, cut with scissors or a razor blade, spray adhesive and stick. It’s as simple as that. Another nice thing about the Luxury Liner Pro is that it is a composite. This means that the vinyl layer is already laminated to closed cell foam, saving a step in the process compared to using raw mass loaded vinyl. No Special adhesives and no need to do double the work!

    Overkill: This stuff is just as easy as the Luxury Liner Pro, simply cut spray and stick. I used the Overkill to line my plastic panels with to help them from rattling. This stuff works wonders.

    Spectrum/Sludge: Spectrum is the Second Skin noise coating that absorbs vibrations in sheet metal. It is somewhat intimidating at first but as soon as you begin to use it you will like it. It is extremely easy to apply and there are so many methods, You can brush it, spray it(which I did) or if you add the sludge activator to it you can use your hands and simply smear it over the panels. I applied the Spectrum to the undercarriage of my car along with the wheel wells. While it does take 30 days for Spectrum to become fully effective I noticed a difference immediately which makes me anxious for the next 30 days to pass so I can see the full effect of this product. This product was very helpful with my road noise on my floor board and helped get rid of my tire drone.

    Speaker Tweaker Pads: The Speaker Tweaker kit was very helpful and unexpected! Before installing these at higher volumes I was noticing some slight distortion from my mids but after installing the Tweaker pads inside my doors, directly behind my speakers, I no longer have this issue. My mids can be played as loud as I like now without getting that distortion or break up in my mid range and mid bass. These were very easy to install, and made a huge difference.

    Overall, the Second Skin products I used far exceeded my expectations. I have one quiet, solid, comfortable daily driver now. I no longer notice any vibrations in the car or road noise for that matter. It is much easier to have a conversation in my car. And of course my system is much more pleasant now. I used to have the volume on 26 out of 35 to be able to hear it clearly but now, I only have to have it around 18 no matter how fast I am going in the car. The slight tire drone I still have does not begin until I go above 50 mph which is livable seeing as the speed limit where I live is mostly 45. I feel that Second Skin makes the best sound deadener I have used and would even be bold enough to say they make the best automotive insulation on the market.


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