Just wanted to let you guys know that I just finished my rear deck and trunk in my G8 and what a difference! I put in the Kicker cvr 2ohm last week and was somewhat disappointed with the power. After putting 20 of the SPL tiles from Second Skin Audio there is a night and day difference. Theres only one rattle left and thats from the **** middle seat belt mechanism. Not much I can do about that. Besides the lack of rattles the subs sound louder and more crisp. For $45 for the tiles you cant go wrong. The key from what I have read on other sites is only focus on the flat unsupported panels. Anything that is bolted down or has bends in it will not vibrate much so adding the tiles to that is almost useless.

I may build a box for the subs instead of having them mounted on the deck. In my case, no matter what I do to the deck wont stop that seat belt mechanism from rattling.

I also bought some of the high temp spray adhesive. I used this on the egg crate foam mats that I bought from the walmart camping section. I know this sounds ghetto but ccf doesnt care where you buy it from. This stuff was 24x72 and was 1/2 inch thick for $13. This is an incredible deal for ccf at 1/2 inch thick. To attach it to the deck I just sprayed on both the deck and the mat and waited 60 seconds til I attached them, held them together for 10 seconds and they arent going anywhere!

For anyone on the fence about doing some sound deadening, I would highly recommend Second Skin. For less than $60 your subs will sound 10x better and the rattles will be 99% gone.