Greetings all, I would like to tell my buying experience from PSI. This is my first time purchasing any goods/services from this company and would like to share my experience so future buyers will have an idea of the work PSI does.

Okay, I will do this chronologically. Friday, December 4th around 11am I went on and filled out a service request for my tc7 motor. In less than an hour PSI contacted me by email about the services he could do for me and instructions on how to send the motor in with great detail. I shipped the motor out the same day (12/4). Monday, December 7th PSI contacted me in the morning to let me know the motor had arrived and was trying out baskets and coils on it to see what would fit and what was possible for the rebuild!
I told him what I wanted out of the sub (sql, as strong mechanically as possible) and advised me what would work best for my application. After I chose which options he specified, the sub was put together that same day (12/7). He then linked me to the pay section, and initially I had some issues with it because I had not registered with the website, but I emailed him about it and he fixed the issue right away so I could pay my invoice. After I paid my invoice, I was notified that I would receive shipping information once it was coming back to me. Late Monday night, I was sent the UPS tracking info for the return shipment!
So in less than a week from initial contact, I received the sub today, December 10th. Packaging was excellent and the sub was in perfect condition.

My opinion overall
I think PSI is one of the greatest customer service companies I have ever EVER done business with and would not hesitate to do business with again. The constant communication was stellar and speed and efficiency of service is second to no one. I would like to publicly thank PSI for what you have done for me and wish you great success in the future with fixmyspeaker and PSI car audio.