I figured I would post up my experience with Second Skin Audio in hopes that it would better inform the average consumer like me. Im just a hobbyist, not a competitor by any means. Just like every other piece of audio equipment, I did a fair amount of research before making a purchase. I chose Second Skin because of a combination of things, namely independent test results and their outstanding reputation on several online forums.

The Ordering Process: I wanted a non-standard amount of material, so I decided to shoot Ant a PM. He promptly replied, said something along the lines of no problem, just give me a call and I will take care of you. I gave him a call the next day, left him a voicemail, got a call back within an hour. Overall he is a very courteous guy, excellent to deal with, and very straight-up when I asked him questions about his products. Long story short, he took a couple hundred of my dollars on the credit card, and told me it would be at my doors in a couple days.

The Arrival: 2 days after I placed the order, a heavy brown rectangle arrived at my door step. No fancy packaging or anything, but upon opening the package I compared it with some dynamat extreme that I had leftover from another job. The regular Damplifier was similar to the dynamat extreme, with the exception of having much thicker foil. The real shocker was the Damp. Pro I ordered in just a visual comparison it looked much thicker & was considerably stickier than the dynamat extreme I am use to working with.

The Application: I did the standard prep work then started laying the deadener using a rubber roller. It went on easy, had excellent adhesion, and miraculously somehow I managed NOT to cut myself on the edges of the foil (a personal first).

My Opinion: Second Skin Audios products are hard to beat. With just one layer of Damplifier Pro I had similar results to two layers of Raam Mat or Dynamat Extreme. I used Damplifier Pro on my outer doors, ceiling, and around the wheel wells and hatch area. I did the inner doors, floor, and double-coated some parts of the hatch with regular Damplifier. It has made an extreme reduction in the amount of road noise that I was hearing. I am amazed at the amount of midbass response I gained, and I actually turned down the subwoofer level. All that being said, I still think I can do better so Im going to be ordering some spectrum from them this summer and coating the floor and hatch area. Overall I am very pleased with second skins products. Its my opinion that while they cost more, the benefit they provide more than makes up for it.