This is a long overdue review from the Second Skin Damp Pro promotion here on CA a few months back. What Iím about to say has been said hundreds of times before. Damp Pro is the best.

ANT was kind enough to send me a pack of Damp Pro. I didnít get around to installing it until just this past weekend. Iíve used many deadeners before from RAAM to Dynamat, B-Quiet, and more. Damp Pro has outclassed each of these products. Itís one of the few products to arrive in nice rectangular sheets rather than a big roll. There wasnít a gooey mess like Iíve had with other mats. Damp Pro is THICK.

My doors already have a good amount of deadener on them so I decided to apply the Damp Pro to my hatch, which was previously nothing but a little metal. Knocking on the hatch before applying Damp Pro, there was a high pitched hollow sound. I had enough mat to do 2 layers. Using the knock test again, I got a solid THUDÖ.nothing like before. No resonance throughout the panel this time. The mat is heavy enough that the struts on my rear hatch actually struggle to lift up the trunk. Thatís how thick this stuff is!

In summary, Second Skin Damplifier Pro is the best mat Iíve ever used. I would highly recommend it. It might be a little bit more expensive than other products on the market, but after youíve used it and seen it in action, itíd be well worth the cost.