Got a bulk pack of the Roadkill expert for $126 out the door, started installing it earlier today on my passenger door. First thing I noticed while using the mat, It's ALOT thicker than the ****** FatMat I used awhile back. The Roadkill is not stinky, has no smell at all. Very easy to handle, not to sticky like the FatMat was ( it sticks to your hands better than metal). Has a very good hold, I doubt this stuff will just peel away under heat like the FatMat does. Haven't gotten the other doors or the trunk fully done yet, but I can tell I like this stuff much better as far as installation goes. The passenger door is covered inside and out, and there is a much better sound compared to my side. I can knock on my door now and not have resonances with 1 layer compared to FatMat. If you have a small amount of money for deadener, go for the Roadkill.