It's been a minute, but this past weekend I finally got to install some damplifier pro on some virgin doors. I'd like to thank ANT from SecondSkin and for the opportunity to try out an improved product.

I've been with ANT from the beginning, ever since Second Skin was created, always close with, In fact I still have some of his original damplifier in my truck, and it's still doing it's job!

I've been an enthusiast for many years, as well as an installer for about 3 years. I've worked with almost all deadening products on the market, well over a DOZEN different products, and seen the problems from other deadeners too as an installer.

Second Skin Damplifier Pro is hands down the highest quality deadener I have ever worked with. Instantly when I picked up a sheet, I noticed the difference in weight compared to other deadeners. The foil backing is strong, and thicker than other products I have worked with.

I love the fact that it comes in sheets, and not rolled up and wrinkled. The backing is easy to come off, and does not stick when peeled off like other products. It is easy to apply, a roller helps. And it stays where you put it.

Another benefit I noticed, is that it's not as "gooey" as other deadeners I have used, doesn't make as big of a mess.

I've have bought/used cheaper alternatives. In areas where I had to double/triple up with other products, it seemed as though a single layer of damplifier pro was comparable. Just for this reason, I recommend Second Skin. Use one layer of mat, instead of taking twice the time to do two layers. Discount, cheap mat deadening is not worth it... if you end up using twice as much cheap product to get the same effectiveness as damplifier pro.

Thanks to all, any questions just PM me.