Thanks to ANT over at Second Skin Audio, I have had the opportunity to try out a trunk pack of Damplifier Pro, here is what I have to say about it:

Upon receiving the box, the first thing you notice is how heavy it is, and you know this stuff is no joke. Open the box to find twelve 12 x 20 sheets. First impressions taking it out of the box are both the thickness and actual weight of each sheet, without measuring, Id say Damplifier Pro is more than noticeably heavier and thicker than the Dynamat I helped install in a buddys car about a month ago.

Next, this stuff is by far the easiest Ive ever worked with. I dont even know how to describe how easy and user-friendly it is. Installation is a breeze. It will mold and shape very easily over odd shapes, despite its thickness. I installed in ~70 degree temperatures, and that is more than hot enough for it to be pliable enough and to stick well. One thing that I found particularly great about Damplifier Pro is the way you can apply it somewhere, and then 5 minutes later change your mind, remove it and replace it somewhere else, without leaving residue or tearing it apart, while at the same time, once you stick it somewhere, its not going anywhere via natural causes.

The foil is thick enough that its easy to avoid cutting your fingers up with it, (I ended up cutting my fingers pretty bad because I was rushing and only using my fingers and hands to press it down most of the time).
Another thing that impresses me about this is how little you need to install in order to get 90% of the maximum effect youll get from fully covering a surface. I applied it in areas that had significant resonance, and to my surprise, after just small patches in critical areas, most of that resonance is gone.

I managed to sufficiently cover my entire trunk lid, my rear deck, my inner front doors, and most of what is needed on my outer front doors, and still have three sheets leftover (I used 15 sqft). Believe it or not, just that amount on the inner door is enough to eliminate at least the vast majority of resonance, and my fronts now sound noticeably clearer and more defined.

The subs sound somewhat deeper, tighter, and more accurate (from the inside) now that trunk lid resonance has been eliminated. From the outside of the trunk, the car sounds significantly deeper and less rattly, in fact now almost all of the rattling and annoying sound comes from the rear bumper flexing like hell, which I couldnt even hear over the previous rattling and resonance of the trunk lid.

Here's a quick vid (knocking and sound from outside), I forgot to take before vids , but oh well take it for what its worth:

Overall I'd have to say I'd definitely take this over dynamat, and though I was hesitant due to the price at first, I assure you, it is well worth the money, and then some.

Once again, thank you ANT