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Reload Thread: Review: Second Skin Damplifier Pro, Luxury Liner Pro, and Speaker Tweaker kit

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    Review: Second Skin Damplifier Pro, Luxury Liner Pro, and Speaker Tweaker kit

    This has been a long time coming. It’s hard for me to express how a product like this works effectively so this review is going to be pretty short breathed, but hopefully it will get the point across.

    A little background:
    I ordered a total of a couple hundred square feet of Damplifier Pro over the course of a few months; slowly adding it to my car bit by bit in sections. I also picked up some Overkill and the Speaker Tweaker kit. Eventually I also ordered about 36sq ft of Luxury Liner Pro to go over the floor of my cabin in my Civic.

    Damplifier Pro:
    This stuff is VERY easy to work with and apply. No mess, rarely cut my hands on the foil, and is very effective as long as your application procedure is solid. I have roughly 4 layers total on each door. I have a couple layers in my trunk and a single layer in the floor of the cabin/trunk. I’ve also lined my a-pillars with this to tame resonance due to my midrange. In addition I lined all my other pillars and trim panels with it.

    The biggest contributing factor of this material is the thickness. It allowed me to get away with using only one layer in areas where I may otherwise have used 2. Using a small roller, it is very effective and bonds to the metal/plastic quickly. This was especially nice in the cabin floor where I didn’t feel like being hunched over long.

    Obviously the doors were well treated, but places that are typically overlooked, such as trim panels were treated as well. Where I used to have rattles in my B-Pillar, I had none. This was a major plus because, as we all know, trim panels can vibrate very easily and can cause us to lose our minds! As easy as these spots are to cover, they are often unnoticed and un-thought of (I just made up a word).

    I then covered the trim pieces with overkill. This addition helps to block out some additional noise.

    Luxury Liner Pro:
    I applied LLP in my cabin floor and trunk area, concentrating on the firewall, too. Though the firewall is very hard to get in, and I wasn’t able to put the LLP as high as I’d wanted to, it still did the job.

    One word: WOW!

    This product nearly quashed all the road noise I had. The application was simple; just lay it down. Bout it. The difference was night and day. My wife’s civic was just as noisy as mine. I get in her car and drive and can’t believe how quiet mine is in comparison.

    Speaker Tweaker Kit (aka- deflex pads):
    The pads come with about 2sq ft of damplifier to assist in the install. These guys act to diffract backwaves and keep them from entering back into the speaker causing distortion.

    The install is straightforward; just use the suppied glue and glue the pads into place.

    I temporarily had my 3-way setup as a 2-way. Before I applied the pads behind the midbass I had some nastiness going on in the midrange that I wasn’t going to bother repairing (via EQ) since that driver was supposed to be a dedicated midbass anyway. I put these pads in the door in the middle of the install, when I was still using the drivers as midrange/midbass and the effects were very clear. The nastiness that I had before was all but completely gone. I truly couldn’t believe how much of a difference just one of these pads could make; I did nothing except for put the pad in and that was it. Nice!

    That should about cover it. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
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