Well i have been on a search to decrease the road noise and noise in general in my 2000 Toyota Celica. I currently have a TRD exhaust system and wanted to hear the music more than the exhaust, so i went on a mission to solve the problem....

I research and researched and came to the conclusion that i need some sort of sound barrier to stop the noise from coming into the cabin. The best mat deadener that i have used is RAAMmat BXT but the main focus is to stop vibrations, then i also used Ensolite which is a closed cell foam to absorb sound waves, so what next?

I was in search for a barrier of sorts which lead me to something containing a mass loaded layer with acoustical foam. The first choice was a lead layer with acoustical foam, similar to what Cascade offers but the price was too expensive for me. So two others were options for me Second Skin LuxuryLiner and Vertex Barrier Pad.

Anthony from Second Skin was gracious enough to send me a sample of LuxuryLiner and i got some Vertex Barrier Pad (VBP) from John (aka FoxPro5/B-Squad) as well. I got both products and compared them to construction, material used, and durability. I decided to go with the VBP due to superiority to material and construction IMO. The foam was more dense and thicker and the mass loaded vinyl layer just seemed more durable.

I installed the VBP foam side down on the floor on top of already laid down RAAMmat BXT and put the OEM carpet back on top. It can be compressed so it easily put everything back without any problems or lumps. I also decided to put the VBP on the doors as well using adhesive spray and metal screws with larger washers to the sheet metal.

I took a drive an noticed how much the VBP helped, the road noise was greatly decreased and the music seemed louder. I also decided to park the car and see if i could hear the music outside the vehicle. It was a night and day difference, not nearly the amount of music was coming out as before I couldnt say anything negative about the product. It performed as advertised and wouldnt hesitate to make it a staple in my future installs. I dont think its effectiveness can be compared to anything else out there when you take into account price/performance or not

Here is a sample picture of a comparison between Second Skin LuxuryLiner and Vertex Barrier Pad (sorry for the blurry pics ):

Vertex on top, Second Skin on bottom

Vertex is vertical, Second Skin is horizontal