I bought a 4 Channel Stinger Helix 17' RCA Interconnect off eBay from Bag Boy. It was about $40 shipped, so it's at least 1/2 the price of anything else that was available locally. I ordered it late on a Tuesday, and received it on Thursday.

Quality is simply awesome. Great product. I am using it in a '00 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is known for noise problems. I get ZERO noise using this interconnect. I am using it with my Alpine CDA-9855 running the high and mid active outputs to an a/d/s/ PQ20.

I guess the only bad thing I can think of about it is that the main wire is a little on the thick side. It's about equal to a 4 gauge power wire, and it's round. It wasn't an issue in my vehicle, but it might be in yours.