Well...I'm back from hooking up and listening. I plan to go listen to more music after dinner. Quick review.

Three wires for +, -, and remote are easily hooked up. Input RCA and output RCA are easy and quick as well. The epicenter's remote gain is easily hooked up with the data cable. A for ease of install

First listening test...

Talk radio is interesting with the epicenter. If its all the way up male voices are very low and deep. Female remain the same. All in all it isn't bad or over powering.

Rock radio, Interesting addition to the music. Very low end exaggerative. Some bass rifts that are usually higher on the instrument range are reproduced lower...way lower then expected. Makes it sound as though it was out of place.

Rap and hip hop radio, Very nice. Makes almost any song sound better. Defiantly meant for this type of music.

Classical rock, No way. I had to turn it off on several songs. It kept picking up the keyboards and over powering the bass. At times I thought it had cut out, because one minute it was beating away, the next it was completely silent.
C+ Could have been better on a wider range of music.

SRV-River Paradise
Very nice on River paradise. Bass riff is defiantly more precise and exact. Low end is minimally exaggerated.

SRV-Little Wing
Again, nice. This song seemed a little exaggerated. I also had to keep fidgeting with the gain knob. I couldn't get it where it sounded best for too long before I had to adjust it again.

Lit-My own worst enemy
Best so far. Brought the bass drum kicking in my back. Actually I think I like this song better with the epicenter on full blast.

APC-sixteenth stone and several other songs
Nice bass, minimally exaggerated, except one song. The one song it actually had a higher bass note that the epicenter reproduced it very low and it just didn't blend well, no matter however I had the gain set.
Other then that it was not bad.

Oh my...Kick drum was wicked. I think the epicenter actually made the mag bottom out
One song has a low end sweep that the epicenter changed to nothing more then the lower end bass and kick drum. Big downer for me on that song. I listen to that song waiting impatiently for that sweep.

Dream theater
Again nice, but too exaggerated for my tastes.

Dire straits
Never, ever, will I turn this thing on again during this artist.

B- Only for the monstrous low end addition...

Total rating B-

If you are a bass head, this is for you. If you like trying to reproduce your music accurately, this isn't for you. Rap and heavy rock is a must, otherwise you will be disappointed.