I'll be reviewing all of the components in my new system here eventually, but I'll start with a simple one.

I bought the Stinger SWKH0 0 Gauge Wiring Kit (Retail is about $140ish I think) for use in my two amp system which will be running approximately around 1100 watts of power (900x1 & 120x2).

The kit is very nice and included the following items :

18 ft. of 0 ga. Blue HPM Power Wire
3 ft. of 0 ga. Clear HPM Ground Wire
17 ft. of 18 ga. Blue Remote Wire
Platinum Finish Pro-Style ANL Fuse Holder with 250 amp fuse
Platinum Finish Double Tap Ground Terminal
Platinum Finish Pro-Style Ring Terminal
Plastic Firewall Grommet
Other various accessories (wire ties, screws, connectors, etc.)

The kit also comes in Red but I chose blue to accentuate my amps (blue / silver). I was impressed with the amount of accessories the kit came with and the quality of the main fuse assembly and battery ring terminal. I would highly recommend this kit as a nice all-in-one package to take care of wiring for moderately powered systems (I may add another amp in the future so I went bigger just to be safe).

The one downside is EXTREMELY small. The firewall grommet it includes seems cheap and is made of plastic. I will be replacing it with a rubber one. But, in the grand scheme this may cost me all of $1.00.

The two main items I had to add that were not included in the kit were a Stinger Distribution/Fuse Block and a Stinger T-Block for the ground wires. Also not included is any 8 ga. cable for running from the dist. block to the amps but my shop (and most decent shops would do this I think) threw in some lengths of 8 ga. cable at no charge.

Hope this helps anyone who is looking for wiring for their system and please feel free to PM me with any questions.