I purchased a PowerLock Alarm for my truck, six months ago, now no one can drive it, thief or me. This thing is the most user unfriendly alarm I have every owned. I am having it taken off. Don't waste your money!

This technology is clearly not perfected yet. My issues with this system are as follows:1) Keyless entry range is too long, park truck go into house, alarm doesn't arm, or when you set your key on the bedroom dresser, alarm decides to arm and then disarm, this means your vehile horn is honking, then honking twice every 25 seconds, very annoying. 2) After about 4 months my key fobs start not to work properly, then door locks don't lock half the time. 3) Batteries replaced at 6 months, door locks still don't work all the time, and one key fob died. 4) Powerlock won't stand behind product.

I hate this alarm!