I bought the Pioneer iPod Adapter from BB the other day so I could return it with ease if I didn't like it. Well, it has already been returned if that says anything.

Price I paid was $129, this thing costs more than any of the other iPod adapters, but that doesn't mean anything.

Install was a ***** because you have to run a seperate power wire and ground wire, or else it won't work. You can't just tap into the HU's power because it ***** 2 amps of current.

Ok, so it's installed and I finally get it working. My HU is a Pioneer DEH-P860MP. I figured I could use the multi-function knob to go through the songs and just turn the wheel and get through the stuff fast. Well, I was wrong again. First you hit the band button a few times and on the bottom right corner it says Artist or Song Name or Playlist, etc. That part is easy, now when you want to go through the artists, prepare to get frustrated. You can start off going down 2 artists, then you have to wait 5-10 seconds for it to load the next 5, then wait 5-10 seconds and load the next 5, etc. So if you have a 40 gb iPod with hundreds of artists, and you need to get to metallica, either way if you go up or down, you will still have to wait about 5 minutes to get there while constantly pressing the down button on your remote. Ok, so you finally get there, it's all good right? Wrong. You can't see track names. It says iPod0000 and the numbers count the time in the track. Good luck if you are searching through your 80 song Metallica collection for Call of the Ktulu. You have to listen to every song. And the load 5 and wait 5-10 second rule also applies here.

Ok, well sorry if I got long winded, but I hate this piece of junk. I would much rather have the aux in adapter for $30 and use the iPod controls. On a scale of 1-10, this thing gets a 2, because it charges your iPod for you.