I ordered from KnuKonceptz last week for my upcoming upgrades. They are reasonably priced so I decided to order everything I needed from them. One thing I was looking for was an 8 awg spade terminal becuase there site didnt have any, so I emailed them about it and then got a reply back saying they added them to the site. So I ordered my setup. the 4 awg amp kit (I forget which one) along with a distro block and an 8 awg spade terminal. The stuff came quickly via ups. One problem when I opened it though. I didnt get my 8awg spade terminal even tho I paid for it. (it was only 65 cents so I dont care to much but now I got to go to my local dealer and get some street wires overpriced stuff because thats all I have in my city...).

The rest of the stuff all came and seems really good quality. The RCA cable is really cool. Its got the turn on wire built in the rca cable. It runs down the middle of the 2 cables so you can run both at the same time ezily. All the wiring was neatly rolled up, and the distro block looks like it is built well. I would probably buy from KnuKonceptz again for any wire or kits but probably not for any more small items, like fuses or installation accessories.

I give knukonceptz.com a 9-10. Reason it didnt get a perfect 10 was because they didn't give me my spade terminal that I paid for and it says on the packing slip that it should be there. Other that that they are a great cheap store to get quality wiring components for your audio needs.