Got quite a bit of it guys, don't have all the model numbers on me (been about 3 years since we installed the display wall it controls), will put some pictures up if there is any interest. Or picture message you directly if you leave me some contact information. I will list what i know is there.

Model 978-100 100 amp power supply $250

60 amp audio power supply $200

AccessEZ Model 939 high current relay boards for switching (3 pieces i believe) 120 each 300 for

There are some misc. pieces that do signal switching etc... but i cannot remember their models so i wont list them yet but i will check when i go in.

Have the audio authority modulor display wall they were built for for sale as well, but it would have to be a local sale as its about 12 feet wide x 7.5 feet tall x 2 feet deep when assembled. Have a few other fixtures for sale as well.

If you send me a message or email with a phone number ill send you some picture messages, or answer questions.

Older image of the display wall