1. Product:

3/4" Birch carpeted enclosure for two 15's built by Altimate Audio in Michigan

2. Specs:

Honestly, I can't remember the exact specs, but it is tuned to 32hz if I recall, and it's right around 3.8 cubes each sub. They posted the build pics on their facebook page. I'll get actual dimensions tomorrow, but it was in a trailblazer (for reference sake).

3. Description/Condition:

VERY good condition (I'd say 9.5/10). I installed the subs ONCE, and then removed them 8 months later. The screw holes are still tight, and the box is VERY solid. I had two crossfire xsv2's being pushed by and AB 500.1 at half-ohm. The box didn't vibrate or leak or anything at all. Beautifully carpeted black w/grey sides and solid bracing.

4. Price: :

$125 picked up in SE Michigan - I'd drive within reason for a little gas $... I would rather not ship it, but if you insist, I'll charge actual shipping only.

5. Pictures: