I have a few of these meters left and need them gone.

The indicator lights(to let you know the cables are plugged in) have been removed due to a fault in the connection.

The devices themself work flawlessly.
Range - 120-175dB, 20-120hz.

These are the original models.

The newer ones go up to 179dB so not much different.

I am asking $529 for the USB Pro set.

You receive usb cable, 2 pressure meters, link box and 2 Cat5 cables.

For $10 more, I will include a prototype carrying case that it can be stored in.

I currently have 4 left.

To pay via Paypal immediately, send payment to - [email protected]

I am also offering financing through Billmelater if you wish to purchase this product.

Please PM me if you wish to use Billmelater.