1. Product:

15" Audiopulse Axis Basket with terminals, spiders, coil, spacer, and gasket - Dual 2 ohm

2. Specs:

15" Basket, 10" Spider Landing, 2 Pairs of terminals, 15" Gasket, spider spacer, and pictured soft parts included

3. Description/Condition:

The basket and soft parts came from an older Audiopulse Axis, not the newer ones currently sold on Parts-Express (most consider the older stuff to be superior). The basket itself is in good condition cosmetically and mechanically. The sub suffered from the very common "cone-collar failure", so the cone was destroyed. The rest of the soft parts, however, are fine for the most part. The coil shows some signs of minor coil rub, but they still read perfectly fine with a DMM. The coil is not burnt or anything, still looks great. The spiders are in great condition. The collar is a little crooked, however, on about 1/3 of it. If you can find a replacement cone and straighten out the collar, or figure out how to remove the collar without damaging the former and put on a standard cone, you can have a complete Axis/3HP top assembly ready to go.

There are no cracks in the basket at all. The 4 side-bolt holes are perfect, ready to be mounted onto a 3hp or TC9 or whatever you can find that uses the 4 side-bolts.

I'm also selling the matching 3HP in another thread.

4. Price: :

$60 + shipping

5. Pictures: