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Reload Thread: Xtreme Sound

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    Xtreme Sound

    They ****.

    I walked in there one day looking for an 150 AMP ANL fuse. Well turns out they didnt have any nor know what the hell an ANL fuse was. Instead they tried to sell me an 80 AMP circuit breaker for 40 bucks! Hell my ALT puts our 120 AMPS and would have blew that pos. They also said there was no way I would need anything bigger.

    Also according to them "they" dont make 8" subs anymore. That's what they told my uncle when he went into there to get a sub.

    On a side not i must give them props for installing **** for cheap. Although i have yet to inspect any of it.

    They are located in Nampa Idaho. I decided to post this since last night i heard one of their radio ads.

    2006 Chevy Malibu
    Front Stage:
    Image Dynamics XS65 Powered by JBL 75.4 Bridged and set to ~200wrms x 2

    SoundSplinter RLP 15" in 4.2 cubes with 3 x 4" Aero ports tuned to ~33hz
    Powered by a Nine.1 1200 wrms x 1

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    Re: Xtreme Sound

    I have 150a fuses $1 ea..


    Bought from: Sctattooer, Korn4Life, wgsj_fortvalley, bk12321, Queball, bumpincrv, Splmaster, 310w6, Buck, liljojo4711
    Everyone I have Bought from has been awesome.. feel safe with any of them..

    Sold To: Iakona, dustinr, squeak12, Worstenemy453, BeAlLsTaR13, rmzsuzuki89, c_b_, mendon mafia, dropped_tb, SPLluminator, violence., power-fanatic07, schackel, michaellane, aviator08, kodak314, dropped_tb
    Ref Link
    -b15spec, 727kid, pshull727, Nt_Hardcore

    Want/Need ANL fuses cheap 150a 200a 250a 300a

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