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Reload Thread: home audio 101 help, loudspeaker build

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    home audio 101 help, loudspeaker build

    hi guys,

    I just got a stereo for free from a friend,

    I want to build speaker boxes preferably 3-way boxes. Each box would have a sub, mid range, and tweeter. Ive been looking at stuff on parts-express.

    The stereo is an older phisher I believe the model number is rs-913.

    im pretty sure each channel is putting out power at 8 ohms. how do I go about wiring 3 speakers to 8 ohms? im guessing I could run 3 speakers in series t 8 ohms?

    after doing so if this is the right way how to I integrate crossovers to each speaker

    Any help would be great, or a website reference to research.


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    Re: home audio 101 help, loudspeaker build

    Did you look at the PE speaker design pages?

    Parts Express Speaker Projects

    <img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v81/pintobean/feliz_ano_novo.jpg border=0 alt= />

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    Re: home audio 101 help, loudspeaker build

    When you run a passive crossover network, the amplifier doesn't see the impedance of the drivers, it sees the impedance of the crossover. Choose an 8Ω 3-way crossover that's rated for the power your amplifier puts out and you'll be fine. PE has a number of them.

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