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Reload Thread: Home Theater Subwoofer

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    Re: Home Theater Subwoofer

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    Re: Home Theater Subwoofer

    I've got this one: Dayton Audio SUB-1200 12" 120 Watt Powered Subwoofer 300-629

    I payed like 140 shipped but now they're 110 shipped. I can tell you that for the money you're not going to get a better HT sub. The thing is amazing. I don't care if you're on a budget or not. I've had an expensive BIC a few years back that didn't dig down like this one..

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    Re: Home Theater Subwoofer

    I would recommend building your own enclosure...I built mine, and it would sh1t on anything under $750 that you can buy in the store, and I got like $200 in it.
    I used a car sub...find one with a low fs, and it should do well as a HT sub...I used an Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1 single 4ohm
    Buy a plate amp, or pro audio amp...the plate amps that come on most of the store bought HT subs usually **** and don't last long... I bought a Dayton SPA250
    Model the sub in's more reliable for home applications than car...
    My box is 4ft^3 tuned to 20hz....pretty big for 1-12, but it plays flat from 20hz-80hz...setup more for movies and gaming than music.

    I've had a few store bought HT subs, but after building my own, I'll never go back.
    As far as fronts, I prefer a tower speaker....rear surrounds i prefer dipole or bipole vs. a direct radiating speaker...they disperse the sound better.
    Don't skimp on your center channel speaker..80% of dialog comes from the center channel.

    I learned a lot on DIY Speakers and Subs and Home Theater Forum - Home Theater Systems - HomeTheaterShack

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    Re: Home Theater Subwoofer

    i appreciate the replies. I like your setup.

    and i live in upper michigan, so its a bit far from florida, lol.

    Team DC Audio

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    Re: Home Theater Subwoofer

    I meant as long as it wasnt something like Cali, Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada. The offer stands if you want. A little 100w amplifier in a 2 cubes box tuned real low would be perfect for it for HT duty.

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    Re: Home Theater Subwoofer

    For that price I would go with Epik subwoofers. The Legend or Empire should do the trick. They perform very well.

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