ok. So I have a striker 7.1 sound card. It was like. $130 new.

I have my Logitech z5500s plugged into the sound card via the analog cables. (auxiliaries)

The sound card is set to ANALOG not SPDIF (digital). People thought that was originally the problem.
It is set to 6 speakers. fronts/center/rears/sub

Now. Here is the issues. When I plug the three auxiliary cables that come out of the Logitech receiver into my sound card individually. I only get front/center/sub. I do not get rear.
Even though the auxiliaries are all correct. I have triple checked everything and so has my brother.

Now here is the weird part. When I take the 3 lines coming out of the Logitech and plug them into the 3 headphone splitters so that the end result is just 1 auxiliary. And plug them into the "Front" port on the sound card. I get full use of all the speakers. Front/center/rear/sub

But If I plug it into any of the other ports. It's either no sound, or just front/center and sub again.

I asked for help on toms hardware over 2 weeks ago. I got 2 replies. Both guys thinking I had it set to SPDIF. When I told them it wasn't. I haven't gotten a response since. This is a very weird problem.
And the headphone splitters to get use of the 6 speakers is just weird.