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    O Audio 500w plate amp

    So I'm considering adding some home theater like components to my room, I've been looking around at amps to power the subwoofer so far this seems to be the best bet among the price area
    O Audio - 500W BASH Subwoofer Amplifier

    I would want to spend <270 for the amp.

    Any other suggestions?
    Not sure what to add, I'll give my shot at as close to 5.1 surround as I can get (slowly)
    my bed rooms pretty small, maybe 10x10 haha.

    References: BigSix,

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    Re: O Audio 500w plate amp

    those plate amps work nicely, but they're cheaply made, if i were you, i'd get a Mixer,Active Crossover and a Power Amp.

    picked up a 1.1krms at 4 ohm and 2.2k rms at 8 ohm amp for 263$ at a local pro audio shop. just need a mixer so it brings up my sub out signal to line level.

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    Re: O Audio 500w plate amp

    I live mine. I have several of those very amps in a few of my setups.

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