I've got just the SVS SCS-01 center right now, with a pair of the new SCS-01s on the way to work as my L/C/R. I'm moving my current mains to the rear for now, they're Paradigm Atom Monitor v5s. Eventually the rears will most likely be the new bipole SVS speakers, the SSS-01s. Sub is an SVS PB10-NSD.

This is my computer (HTPC) setup, I do a lot of gaming and watching TV/movies on it, so I want to try and keep mostly balanced sound all around. The Paradigms kinda stand out right now, even with EQ being so bright on the sides of the more flat SVS center, I'm hoping its not as noticable while they pull rear duty.

I have a Denon AVR-1706 that I picked up as a display model locally a couple years ago, its 75x7 and does everything I need for an HTPC reciever. I do everything through the computer so I don't care about HDMI switching, the receiver strictly handles the audio through an optical input.

Now, the question is, the SCS-01s are 125w 8ohm speakers, will I see a large difference in quality at low to mid volumes by going to a 125-150x5 external amp over my current Denon receiver? How about between an amp of that power and a better receiver rated for the same power as the amp?