First off, I Origionally posted this on a local forum, Then copy / pasted it here. So if it seems like its written for people who know / are near me, Theres your answer.

Here we go...

Last year i spent about $5,000 [Yes, $5,000.] on window's, Rag top's, Paint / body work, Ect. at my house.

First few incidents, We called the cops, And made reports. After the sargent REFUSED to fingerprint my spoiler where we BOTH knew the person who broke into my GT had grabbed onto to lift himself onto my deck lid, then threw my back window and obviously left prints on the underside where his finger tips would have to have touched, We decided there was no use in even waisting WPDs presious time reporting the incidents, As using our insurance was just gonna raise rates.

So, I get home lastnight, And guess wat? Window # 2 of the year [Yes, 49 days into the year, 2 Windows!] was laying on the road in front of my house. I did a quick drive around to check the area, And didnt see nobody on the roads, Nor any other cars in my neighborhood molested.

So while talking to the Neighbor whom shares our driveway, We decided we would set up security cameras over the drive, and a few covering the streets in front of our house where we / visitors park.

While we arnt looking for the "footage" to be admissable in court, I DO WANT TO KNOW WHO THE **** IS CAUSING ME SO MUCH DAMAGE; Possibly teach him / her / them a lesson as well.

At first, I blamed it on the kids across the street, As they had car's lining the block on MULTIPLE nights when my cars got vandalized. But last night, And the first window of this year, Theyre teens wernt even home; Nor did they have any signs of "partys".

Sooooo, After a little pondering, Im thinking of using my spare laptop as a "Media server", Accompanied by a 750 gb external hard drive.

What kinda video card / software would i need to record the data?
What kind of NIGHT VISION cameras do you suggest? I had one from harbor freight many moons ago, And it was decent for the $25 i spent on it. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR QUALITY, But at the same time i dont want it to be lacking neither. I dont want it for court records, I just wanna see what kinda cars are driving around my area around the time, As well as maybe get a faint discription / picture of the perp, And from there i WILL do my homework. Catching one of them in the act would be nice, But i really dont wanna go to prison over $5000 worth of damages.. Or do i?

Any insight?

p.s. There wasnt enough room on the roof to park. [*Local forum joke.* Guy got his motorcycle stolen, Posted "Watch out for.." thread, And everybody just recommended he started parking his bike on his roof.]

Tonight i will be hiding in the bushes with a twelve pack, And the ol louisville slugger.. So if your on here, Come on by and drink a beer with me, As its bad enough i gotta camp out outside my home on a saturday night, You might as well come acompany me. Tomorrow i will be hiding my LED on my grand prix, Putting the alarm on silent [2 way pager, I will here it going off, They will have 0 idea.], And sitting up the better part of the night.

I REALLY wanna move back down south to the "hood". First twenty years of my life were peaceful over there. Never one car broke into, Never locked my home up no matter who was / wasnt in it, Simply didnt have to worry about it. Now i try to move up in the world, And its just costing me more paying for damages, Plus the increase in rent..

P.S. This is the best place for this thread, i believe. If a mod sees different please do move it. I think this section should be renamed to Home audio / Video / Security.