i'm trying to find a basic 5.1 setup for my apartment... my living room is 16x14, and i have neighbors so of course i dont need anything really big or loud, im just looking for something with a nice soundstage and surround sound...

ive been looking at the home theater in a box systems, but they all come with only one toslink input, and a bluray or upconverting dvd player, which i do not want... i really just need a decoder/amp that has toslink inputs and thats it (preferably 3, but i can handle an external switch)

i started looking into standalone receivers, but even the bottom end ones are pretty expensive, and come with crap i dont need (hdmi switching, etc)

i think part of my problem is i dont know where to look for this stuff, ive been looking at bestbuy (bad i know) and amazon... i'd like to keep the setup under $400,(cheaper if possible so i can have funds for speaker stands, wiring, etc) and i have a feeling i'll probably end up going with one of the home theater in box systems, but i just hate paying for a dvd player that im never going to use

any recommendations or sites to look on would be great! thanks