Are you still frustrated to look for a practical Blu-ray ripper for your Apple TV on sorts of search engines? In fact, there are numerous different Blu-ray rippers in the market, but unfortunately, not all of them are easy-to-use and powerful while ripping BD movies to do other use, especially for people who are using Mac OS. To relieve the troubles of Mac users, this thread will present you how to rip Blu-ray movies to Apple TV via the available software Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac in detail. Just check its step-by-step instruction as below freely.

Click here to download Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac, then install and run it.

Step 1 :Load BD files, select Apple TV format and specify save path

You can press tag “DVD Folder” or “IFO Folder” to input Blu-ray files. If you like, you can tick checkbox before “Merge into one file” to combine all the .m2ts files into one file. Also, you are allowed to specify a path to store the output files for your Apple TV through clicking “Browse” button; otherwise, this program will export the output files to a destination folder set by default automatically. No matter you use your indicated path or defaulted path, you can finally get the ripped files via hit “Open” button.

Do remember clicking the drop-down list of “Format” to select an Apple TV workable format. Once you click this button, you can do your selection from the following interface:

Step 2 :Adjust video and audio parameters

Suppose you need change some video and audio parameters to manage the output file size and quality, you can totally achieve it by clicking “Settings” button. All the parameters in the following panel can be adjusted as you like.

Step 3 :Convert

After the above settings are done, what you should do next is just hitting “Convert” button to start BD ripping for your Apple TV. Conversion interface is as below, you can get ripping info from it as much as possible, such as the ripping progress, elapsed and left conversion time, generated and estimated file size, so that you can know accurately about the time expenditure and space occupation.

See, only three simple steps, you can finish ripping your BD movies to your Apple TV successfully. Why not have a try about Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac?


1. This program also supports editing DVD and Blu-Ray clips. It provides editing functions like trimming video duration, cropping video area, adding watermark, adjusting special effect, replacing audio, and more.

2. It adopts advanced audio and video sync tech which enables you to have a high quality output video without any audio/video out of sync problems.

3. This program has its own built-in codec, so it will not install any codec to your computer, which avoids the unexpected codec problem.

4. Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac is at super high ripping speed. Its advanced coding technology quickens the conversion speed. With this Mac Blu-Ray Ripper, you can convert DVD, Blu-Rays 1.5 or 2 times faster than other similar tools.