I just purchased 3 sheets of 4x8 to build 2 HT subs. I'm going with Dayton
Classic 18" 4ohm subs. I'm building two 14 cubic footish enclosures tuned to 24hz
with 2 6" areo ports each. The room is 14x18


My amp will be my Onkyo Grand integra M-504. It puts out 240w x 2 at 4 ohms.
I'm going to run the amp off the SW out of some HT receiver I buy; probably
an Onkyo too.

I did a lot of research and due to price and power requirements, I just kept
coming back to the Dayon 18. I figured I'd give it a try.

So the question is, 2 large enclosures in the front two corners of the room.
I'm thinking subs forward, ports side firing mirror imaged into the right wall
for the right sub and the left wall for the left sub. It would be easier to play
with the distance from the port loading wall that way.