Well I upgraded a few of my HT components lately. I though I would share what I have found. I am by no means an expert and only know what sounds good to me. I had Klipsch Synergy B-3's in the front. I must say they were an improvment over my old Sony's but the Paradigms just blew them both away.

I spent a half a day down at my local HT shop. They carry Paradigm speakers. I listened to the Mini Monitors, Titan, and lastly the Monitor 7's. I went through multiple CD's to listen to bass clarity, different instraments in the songs and over all sound quality.

All of these were listened to back to back with the same music at the same level on a new Integra reciever.

#1 For me was actually the Monitor 7's for alot of reasons. I wanted things to not be too big because I dont have a huge room. The Monitor 9's looked much bigger. Anyways the Monitor 7's filled the room with a warm and rich sound. They never distorted at any level I turned the amp too. The base was very tight and just the right amount I thought. It was funny I was hearing things in the songs I had never heard before with these speakers.

#2 Mini Monitors. I really liked these and for the price I was blown away. They simply took everything the Integra reciever could throw at them. Very nice bookshelf speakers I just though that they may be a little small for my room. Very close second and actually I may get a pair eventually for a Video game room I am going to do someday.

#3 Titan Monitors. I did like these but I felt the 7.5in driver was doing too much. They were a little warmer then the Mini's but when pushed hard I felt like I could hear the ports on the front and again the base seemed too much.

I also purchased a Yamaha RX-V663. I got BB to price match at $399 It has the HD sound for Blu-Ray discs. I dont have alot to compair it too but my old Sony. All I can say is the the sound is very nice. Again I have turned it up pretty loud with no distortion from my Paradigms. Setting it up can be a bit difficult. The menu's are a little complicated. For a $525 retail reciever I think it is a bargain. You had to get to $600 to get the HD sound in Denon.

On HDMI cables I went with Monster 800 series which is recommended for HD sound and 1080P picture.

lastly I went with a BI Wire Audioquest Rocket 33 solid copper wire. What an amazing speaker wire. No strands. Sold copper. The ends are the plug in style that have allen screws to clamp on the wire. Basically a cold weld. Two 8 ft wires and ends.....$150. Big number but super high quality wire.

Anyways if you guys have any questions let me know. Next is a Paradigm Sub, and center.