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Reload Thread: bookshelf/ wall mounting speakers for home theater.

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    bookshelf/ wall mounting speakers for home theater.

    i recently aquired a home theater projector from my freind (Hitachi ED-S3170A) aswell as a KLH R5100, and a Brand new 6' Projector screen. i was thinking about selling the projector to upgrade to an hd model(atleats 720P) but i figured id give it a shot before i got rid of it. anyways, the reciever puts out a decent amount of power it says around 100per [email protected], but im assuming that thats max output. anyways, id like to purchase a pair of speakers for the front, i was looking at Paradigm atoms, because of the quality/price ratio, but im not sure if i want to shell out the 200for them right now as i just spent allot of unnecisary money on subs.

    i guess my question is what speakers would you reccomend that are around 100bucks? give or take a bit? im looking for decent mids, doesnt need to be earth shattering or anything, just nice clean/natural sound. i dont mind if ther on ebay/used aslong as there in decent shape. if all else fails i might just pick up the paradigms but id rather not spend the money.

    thanks for the help,


    *forgot the mention that there will be a 10" assasin in around [email protected] Hz for the low end. id like reccomendations on a plate amp for the aswell. does the parts express amps do a decent job?

    also, if anyone has this stuff for sale, let me know! thanks again

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    Re: bookshelf/ wall mounting speakers for home theater.

    You can score a Klipsche Quintet setup for cheap if you want "really" small. I'd look into the setups from Energy and Boston Acoustics as well. I haven't shopped that size for a long long time though, so I have no ideas about prices...... the NHT SB3's were highly regarded as well.

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