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Reload Thread: 2013 Supercrew F150 UNDERSEAT

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    2013 Supercrew F150 UNDERSEAT

    What options do I have here NO lifting the rear seat. Would love to run 2 10's ported. Firing down.

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    Kicker 6x8 all around

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    Re: 2013 Supercrew F150 UNDERSEAT

    I would need you to send me some measurements. I doubt that 2 10's ported is going to fit here. Email me or PM me and we can go from there.

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    Re: 2013 Supercrew F150 UNDERSEAT

    This might help for reference.

    I just designed a box for my 2010. WITH a seat lift, I was able to get 2.5^. That's the whole width of the truck.

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    Re: 2013 Supercrew F150 UNDERSEAT

    The best you can do without a seat lift is roughly ~1.75 ft^3 gross. I don't think that's quite enough for a pair of 10s ported.

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    Re: 2013 Supercrew F150 UNDERSEAT

    Newbie here. I am also wanting to run2 10's but prefer a sealed box possibly firing forward.
    My 11 SCrew has the JL Audio in all doors as well as amp and the vehicle specific sub box that goes under drivers side rear seat. It's a 13" single down fire.

    I am a 43 year old who listens to everything from Maroon5, Rob Zombie and 2 Chains.
    I am looking for and encourage what subs to purchase as well as components and Amos. As of now I am thinking the JL Audio 10" TW3 but joined here for input:I am willing to raise seat a little and want someone to build me a box that looks as good as it sounds .
    Thanks . John

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