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Reload Thread: Guys

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    Re: Guys

    **** that ***** man. Sorry to hear that. I broke my back when I was 5 and it hurts every day. Stay off the pills for long amounts of time though! **** will ruin your life! Hope for a quick recovery

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    Re: Guys

    **** man, I just now saw this after I sent you an email. Just ignore it. Sorry your not feeling good man, I was in the hospital not too long ago for surgery on my leg. Hope you get better soon.

    1995 Nissan 240SX 5 speed , 37k original miles
    -Headunit: JVC AHD-69
    -Speakers: Polk Audio DB6501 comps
    -Speaker amp: Diamond D104 old school SQ made in USA, running active on the polks ^^
    -Sub: D4 SA12 in a 1.7~cube box tuned to 33
    -Sub amp: Sundown SAZ 3k @ 2 ohms
    -Electrical: 115A Nissan quest alt, Big 3 with 1/0, C&D 75ah under hood, Power 102aH in trunk.
    -Trunk, doors, and rear deck w/ AT 60mil. Doors are sealed. Trunk lid deadened with great stuff + SS Spectrum. Roof also done with SS Spectrum

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    Re: Guys

    Ah that ***** bro. I just got out of the hospital for my crohns disease recently. Hope you have a smooth recovery man.

    Things to look forward to:
    (2) 10" or 12" imperium audio designs subs
    set of PHD MF 6.5" comps
    Completely seal off and deaden my doors
    aquire a 2k amp
    aquire a 2 channel amp for front stage

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