Hey buck, i'm use to designing and building my own boxes but i want to make sure i do it right on my next build, i was wondering what pricing would be for a design it's for a 2002 quad cab ram 1500 back seats are out now would like to ha e them back but i can do with just the 40 of the 60/40 if need be. I am currently running two hdc3 18's and they slam and tear my poor truck apart but now im after sql I have two 05 re xxx 15's with psi recones made to habdle 2k a piece can you design a box for me?? Slot or aero doesnt matter i just want good sq with decent spl. Max depth is 24 max height is 23 max width is 38 can go higher if need be. Just pm me a quote if you dont mind thanks alot!